Supporting Workplace Wellness

2014 is already proving to be a big year for workplace wellness programs.

According to a US News & World Report sneak peek at the upcoming 2014 FORTUNE 100 Best Places to Work list (being released January 16), which also addresses the top 10 workplace trends for this year, the #6 trend for the best employers is “Wellness Matters”.

For the third year in a row, companies on the list are focused on employee wellness. "Grappling with extreme increases in health care costs and having to pass more and more of those costs on to employees and their families, has led to an increased emphasis on preventative care and programs that can encourage a healthier diet and lifestyle," Gorman [China Gorman, U.S. and Global CEO of Great Place to Work Institute] says. "Healthy employees are more productive and present at work, but also more productive and present in their personal lives as well."

Employees should expect to see their companies do more to make them well, at least physically – on-site Zumba, meditation breaks, break rooms with more apples and water and less chips and soda. Employees can be rewarded for undergoing biometric screenings, losing weight or quitting smoking.

As a premier full-service vending provider, Lee Vending is committed to helping you promote workplace wellness by offering healthy options for your snack machines or breakroom markets.

In addition to traditional sweets and soda, Lee offers a wide variety of fresh foods, nuts, juices and waters, and low fat/sugar/calorie name brand snacks. Besides vending machines, Lee also provides micro-market management – which is essentially just like having a corner market deli at your facility.

For employers daring enough to provide a fun way to encourage exercise, we also offer a full line of calorie burning arcade games such as Dance Dance Revolution and Guitar Hero.

Contact us today to learn how Lee Vending can help kick start your 2014 workplace wellness program today!