Happier, healthier employees with a
self-service micro-market.

Lee Vending Is a Premier Operator and Installer of Avanti Marketplaces

Lee Vending's Avanti Markets offer hundreds of delicious, fresh items on open shelves and energy efficient refrigerators. Customers can examine any item - reading nutritional and calorie labels and freshness dates - before they buy. State-of-the-art kiosks let customers easily and quickly scan their purchases and then pay with credit, debit or market cards.

Lee will customize a market to fit your space and needs.

Lee gives companies the ability to customize food and drink selections and even subsidize the cost of healthy items if they choose. We don't just stop there... we can easily customize your market layout to fit your space.

  • Improved wellness with healthy, fresh, and low-fat options.
  • Ease of payment including credit, debit and Avanti market cards.
  • Improve productivity, keeping workers on-site for meals and snacks.


“Our company’s wellness committee was thrilled with Avanti and all the healthy food choices it offers our workers including fresh fruit, yogurts and delicious salads.”
— Mary Godfrey, UW Physicians