About Us

Family owned, operated and proudly serving satisfied customers for over 60 years, LEE provides full-service vending, office coffee and arcade management services. Whether you're seeking a wider variety or healthier mix of products, state-of-the art technology, or higher revenue from your vending program - LEE will fulfill your needs and exceed your expectations.

  • Service to Your Satisfaction
  • Name Brand and Unique Products
  • 24 hour-a-day Availability
  • Healthy, Nutritious Snacks
  • Professional Integrity

Your Favorite Coffeehouse Brands

Highest quality name brand and unique products you know and love.

State-of-the-art Equipment

Single-cup machines, pot brewers, and hot drink vending machines are available.

Superior Service and Support

Regular and on-demand cleaning, servicing and restocking. 24/7 Support.

Satisfy your employees, visiting clients and customers by offering a full coffeehouse experience in the workplace.

Choose from our extensive selection of single-cup countertop machines, commercial pot brewers, and hot drink vending machines. Lee will customize your equipment selections for a single or multiple locations in your workplace to provide the ultimate refreshment experience.

You can then select from the most recognized national brands, as well as unique regional favorites. Coffee, tea, hot cocoa and more are all on the menu.

We provide a variety of sweeteners, creamers and all the cups and stir sticks you'll need as we service, clean and restock your coffee stations regularly or on-demand.